11 Jan

Party Makeup Ideas

False lashes can be a hassle and overwhelm the face if worn daily, but they can add fun and spice to party makeup and give you a very full set of eyelashes. There are many different types of false lashes available. These include strips and flares or individual lashes. They also come in many different styles. For a fun, yet sophisticated party look find lashes lined with glitter or that have glitter strips throughout the lashes.

If the event one is going to is not too formal one may even try colored lashes or ones made with feathers. Most lash sets come with lash glue and directions.

10 Jan

The Health Risks Of Modern Make-up And Beauty Procedures

If you can afford treatments at a clinic in Harley Street, or high end beauty salon treatment, I think it is quite safe to say you will not see adverse effects from your beauty treatment, But if like most of us you use high street salons, it pays to be caustious.

Another potential source of infection is the pedicure. Poor sanitary procedures and the foot spas used in nail salons can transmit germs and fungal infections. Over one hundred women were infected at a US nail salon that didnt adequately clean its foot spas. Boils affected the womens lower legs and many were left with scars, especially those who had shaved their legs before going for their pedicure.