06 Jan

How To Dry Shows Quickly

Use a Refrigerator

One reliable method that dries shoes effectively is a refrigerator. Place any wet shoes in front of its vents and wait. This method works because the refrigerator will always blow out dry warm air in between cooling cycles. The shoes can also be placed at the back where there are intake fans. A word of caution is that this method is great for canvas and cloth materials shoes, and sneakers. It can cause damage to leather shoes due to warm air currents.

Use Rice

The other method should not come as a surprise to many, rice. Raw and dry rice has been used as a desiccant for ages due to how effective it is in dealing with moisture. The first thing to do is to find a box with a lid, preferably plastic. Fill the rice to at least three quarters and place the shoes on top, finally close the lid tightly. Leave the shoes in the box for a few hours to soak up the moisture. Apart from removing moisture, rice can also remove odor and prevent bacteria infestation in the shoe. This method, though effective, is one of the slowest ones in this article.

Use a Cloth Dryer for quick results

The fastest method to dry shoes is using a cloth dryer. Though effective, never use this method with leather or gel-inserted shoes, as the dryer will destroy these materials. Some machines come with custom shoe racks to ensure effective noise-free drying. If your dryer does not come with racks, you can use this trick. First of all, ensure the shoe is dryer-safe by checking the label. If the shoe can be used with a dryer, loosen its laces to be about 7 inches long. Take good care to loosen around its tongue to dry them effectively. Start by tying the shoes together by the laces. Close the door with the laces sticking out of the dryer, preferably from the top. Ensure the shoes are dried with the machine being at low heat. Run a full cycle and repeat if the shoes are still wet.


Alternatively, you can buy a shoe-bag for dryers if you don’t want the risks and hassle that come with the lacing method.
Alternatively, a tabletop air fan can be a quite effective shoe dryer. The best way to use it is to first remove the inner sole from the wet shoe. Look for a six-inch-long metal and make “S” shaped hooks. Ensure one end is shorter, to be hooked to the metal grill of the fan. Keep the two hooks at least 9 inches apart. Loosen your shoes and place them on the longer side of the hooks. Set the air fan at medium heat to low settings and leave them for 2 hours. This method can be effective but does not work on materials with high water retention capabilities.

In conclusion, never dry shoes on stoves, heaters, campfires or direct sources of heat. Although it might be tempting and effective, the extreme heat melts shoe glue while crumpling the shoes, making them useless. If a direct source of heat is your only option, place the shoes at a distance away from the fire. Never over wash the shoes if you want them to serve you for some time.

Dry them out completely before wearing them for better results. If the steps detailed in the article on drying shoes overnight are followed, you should be able to get proper service from the footwear even lasting years.

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