07 Apr

Here Is The Quickest & Most Effective Way To Clean Large Gym Mirrors

We all try our best to stay healthy and fit and in order to achieve that we need to follow a healthy lifestyle and a workout routine. Whether we join a public gym or have our own gym at home, we know that we need to keep up with a regular workout schedule in order to keep our bodies in great healthy shape. A key aspect to maintaining a regular workout routine whether at home or at the public gym is a mirror. One of the top reasons why working out in front of a mirror is beneficial is because you get to watch yourself while lifting weights or performing other form intensive exercises.

Most people who follow a regular workout schedule are in it to not only be healthy but to also look good. Therefore they want to be able to notice changes in their physique. Having a mirror available to always see yourself is a great way to track the progress of all your effort. As the saying goes, the mirror does not lie.

Being able to see yourself as you workout is also a great confidence booster. It can encourage you to lift more weights. While also being able to encourage you to lift more weights, seeing yourself is going to allow you to be able to gauge your technique and apply improvements on the go. This is a much better approach to watching something at home than trying to apply the posture change blindly in the gym with no mirror.

They are a great confidence booster as well. For example, if you are in the gym to lose weight, seeing yourself in the mirror will motivate you to push harder in order to lose the weight that you can clearly see. But it also goes the other way, if you are in great shape, seeing yourself workout will excite you and make you want to push harder because you want to make sure that you dont lose it.

The problem arises though when it comes time to clean these dazzling glass shrines. If you have ever been tasked with the job of having to clean multiple giant mirrors then you know of the pain that I speak. There is a solution though, one that takes literally a quarter of the time than traditional mirror cleaning methods. Introducing the Dredge microfiber mop. These bad boys devour space in no time. Its a flat microfiber floor mop that works perfectly well on mirrors. Discovering this has literally changed my life. I now only spend a few minutes cleaning mirrors and not the hour or more it used to take me.

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