11 Jan

Party Makeup Ideas

Some cosmetic products and looks would seem out of place on the everyday face, but make fun looks one can wear to a special party or event.

Most makeup experts agree that daily makeup application should lean more toward natural then creative, but there are a few time when one can really have fun with makeup products that they usually wouldnt wear. These include parties and special events. Here are a few ideas of cosmetic products and looks that work for party makeup.

False Eyelashes

False lashes can be a hassle and overwhelm the face if worn daily, but they can add fun and spice to party makeup and give you a very full set of eyelashes. There are many different types of false lashes available. These include strips and flares or individual lashes. They also come in many different styles. For a fun, yet sophisticated party look find lashes lined with glitter or that have glitter strips throughout the lashes.

If the event one is going to is not too formal one may even try colored lashes or ones made with feathers. Most lash sets come with lash glue and directions. Be careful to follow them closely and have fun with this first creative party look.

Glitter can be intimidating, but is great for a party look. One can buy glitter by itself or buy products that already contain glitter in them. Many eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, blushes and lip colors are made to sparkle. Just dont wear too many of these products at once and end up looking like a human disco ball. If one wants the lips to sparkle, dont use glitter products on the eyes and vice versa. Another way to use glitter is a powder that can lightly be sprinkled over the face after the application of makeup for an over all glow.

Its not just the face that can be glittery; there are glitter body lotions and hair products that would look great at a party as well. The number one thing too remember with glitter is that less is more so keep it classy and dont use too much.

Creative Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is a fun way to dress up a party look. One can experiment with different colors of eye shadow, eyeliner and even mascara. They can mix colors and match them in ways they wouldnt dare usually. Some eye makeup colors that usually look good on everyone are plums and purples, golds, silvers, navy blues, emerald greens and most other jewel tones. Experimentation is needed to find the perfect look so one should set aside a good amount of time for doing their makeup before a party.

These looks may not be suitable for ones everyday makeup routine, but they can really liven up a party look in a fun and creative way.

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