11 Jan

Party Makeup Ideas

False lashes can be a hassle and overwhelm the face if worn daily, but they can add fun and spice to party makeup and give you a very full set of eyelashes. There are many different types of false lashes available. These include strips and flares or individual There are many different types of false lashes available. These include strips and flares or individual lashes. They also come in many different styles. For a fun, yet sophisticated party look find lashes lined with glitter or that have glitter strips throughout the lashes.

If the event one is going to is not too formal one may even try colored lashes or ones made with feathers. Most lash sets come with lash glue and directions. Be careful to follow them closely and have fun with this first creative party look.

Glitter can be intimidating, but is great for a party look. One can buy glitter by itself or buy products that already contain glitter in them. Many eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, blushes and lip colors are made to sparkle. Just dont wear too many of these products at once and end up looking like a human disco ball. If one wants the lips to sparkle, dont use glitter products on the eyes and vice versa. Another way to use glitter is a powder that can lightly be sprinkled over the face after the application of makeup for an over all glow.

Its not just the face that can be glittery; there are glitter body lotions and hair products that would look great at a party as well. The number one thing too remember with glitter is that less is more so keep it classy and dont use too much.

Creative Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is a fun way to dress up a party look. One can experiment with different colors of eye shadow, eyeliner and even mascara. They can mix colors and match them in ways they wouldnt dare usually. Some eye makeup colors that usually look good on everyone are plums and purples, golds, silvers, navy blues, emerald greens and most other jewel tones. Experimentation is needed to find the perfect look so one should set aside a good amount of time for doing their makeup before a party.

These looks may not be suitable for ones everyday makeup routine, but they can really liven up a party look in a fun and creative way.

10 Jan

The Health Risks Of Modern Make-up And Beauty Procedures

If you can afford treatments at a clinic in Harley Street, or high end beauty salon treatment, I think it is quite safe to say you will not see adverse effects from your beauty treatment, But if like most of us you use high street salons, it pays to be caustious.

Another potential source of infection is the pedicure. Poor sanitary procedures and the foot spas used in nail salons can transmit germs and fungal infections. Over one hundred women were infected at a US nail salon that didnt adequately clean its foot spas. Boils affected the womens lower legs and many were left with scars, especially those who had shaved their legs before going for their pedicure.

Before you book your pedicure, ask about safety practices and disinfection at your chosen salon. Ask whether they have movable foot spas rather than ones connected to chairs, as the movable type is easier to clean. Postpone your appointment if you have a cut, lesion or insect bite on your lower leg as broken skin will increase your risk of infection. Dont shave your legs the day before you go; the tiny abrasions caused by shaving can also allow bacteria to get into your skin.

The US state of New Jersey is working on banning genital waxing after two women were injured during a Brazilian. They both ended up in hospital. The problem occurs when the wax is ripped off the very thin and sensitive genital skin. The skin can be damaged and become infected and the infection spreads quickly. Women may be too embarrassed to go to the doctor, prolonging the problem. The danger is particularly acute for women with diabetes who have poor circulation, increasing their risk of serious infection.

If you really do want a Brazilian, get a professional with good hygiene standards to do it. Trying to do it at home will not only lead to poor results, but will greatly increase the risk of your injuring or burning yourself.

When you go to asalon, make sure the person waxing you uses gloves and fresh wax that hasnt be used on someone else. Dont get a wax during or near your period as the skin around your genitals will be even more sensitive to bruising and damage. Ask for natural waxing products to reduce the risk of irritation. And stay away from the salon completely if you have any kind of skin damage, irritation or infection, or youre taking drugs for acne.

Sunbathing and Tanning

The classic holiday brochure photo of bronzed families lolling by a pool belies the very real risk of sun cancer from too much summer holiday beach time. Its far healthier to use the winter months to perfect your fake tan, and then use it throughout the summer to look good and stay safe.

If you must lie in the sun, dont do it in the middle of the day and use a high SPF sunscreen. Use a daily moisturiser that contains sunscreen of at least SPF 15, even in winter, and especially if you spend a lot of time outside or live somewhere thats consistently sunny. Tanning salons are no cure either; sunbeds are no safer than lying in the sun.

07 Nov

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips For The Vintage London Bride

If youre searching for authentic wedding gowns from the roaring 20s, Angelina Colarusso wedding dresses London is worth visiting. Youll drool over bridal accessories such as embroidered shawls and feather capes. Supermodel Kate Moss and even high fashion designers like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen raid this shop for axxes and trimmings. Supermodel Kate Moss and even high fashion designers like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen raid this shop for axxes and trimmings. Youll drool over bridal accessories such as embroidered shawls and feather capes. Supermodel Kate Moss and even high fashion designers like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen raid this shop for axxes and trimmings. If youre in luck, you just might chance upon the bargain rail featuring flapper dresses for your entourage, some antique Parisian lace for your garter, and beaded wire flowers to add as quirky embellishments on your dress.

If you plan on going full vintage for your entire ensemble, you can also get underslips and lace petticoats. Pennies Vintage is another treasure trove which sells original one-of-a-kind antique wedding gowns as well as veils, combs, and headpieces to add a touch of authenticity to your bridal outfit.

One important tip for vintage brides is to choose and stick to a specific era so you can create a concrete wedding theme. It wouldnt do to wear a Victorian gown when your wedding theme is actually Edwardian. Likewise, wedding veil trends tend to change dramatically over the decades. You can ruin a glorious gown by pairing it with a veil from the wrong age.

Elizabeth Avey wedding dresses London is another great place to search for your ultimate dream dress. The gowns are categorized according to periods and their collection is extensive, ranging from Edwardian hand-made lace to 50s tea length dresses to 70s boho bridals. If you like the romance of an old-fashioned dress but hate the idea of wearing someone elses, opt for a brand new but vintage-inspired wedding dress. If you can afford it, have your gown designed by the brilliant hand of Kate Halfpenny in Bloomsbury.

For the 50s-60s retro bride, Candy Anthony wedding dresses London in Southbank creates vintage-inspired wedding dresses with a modern touch. This is important because most vintage silhouettes tend to be unflattering given that they were worn by women from a more conservative era. Fur Coat No Knickers is another bridal shop in London which specializes in 50s and 60s wedding frocks. They offer both genuine vintage pieces and vintage-inspired made-to-order items from dainty dresses to charming face veils.

When shopping for a vintage wedding gown, remember that preservation of antiques can be very tricky. Bring a friend to help you check, check, and continuously recheck the dress for stains or tiny moth-eaten holes. Pay extra attention to the fit because brides in the past have a tendency to marry young and to cage their waists in corsets. Try it on before buying it.

Dont make the mistake of relying on the size on the label because sizing was a whole lot different a few decades ago.

07 Aug

Genf20 Plus Reviews- The Very Best Human Growth Hormone (hgh) Supplement

This is an item that is especially being marketed to individuals who are It's been discovered that HGH levels will naturally decrease in the body as one ages in age. The have to change this HGH is crucial and using a safe supplement like GenF20 Plus can make all the distinction.

This item is developed with 2 essential parts. Initially, there is an oral supplement that needs to be taken. Second, an oral spray needs to be utilized to choose it. These 2 need to be utilized at the proper times and can take a bit of effort however it is an intriguing part of the item that makes it work well.

The secret to the success of GenF20 Plus is the method how it can manage the body without producing threatening adverse effects. Much of this is thanks to the variety of natural active ingredients utilized to keep the item safe and simple to utilize. It uses L-Arginine as a substance that has actually been discovered to naturally boost the body's HGH levels.

L-Glycine is utilized to motivate the pituitary gland to increase HGH production while L-Glutamine improves cellular division. Both of these are discovered in GenF20 Plus and are natural products utilized to boost the body with time.

A couple of natural substances are included consisting of deer velour antler, a substance utilized to support the advancement of cartilage in the body. Deer antler velour naturally consists of glucosamine and collagen to promote hormonal agent production and to improve the methods how the body can remain active for along with required. This is an excellent item developed to motivate the growth of the body making it feel a little more powerful and more resilient.

The spray element of the supplement is utilized to motivate the anterior pituitary gland to operate effectively. Much of this includes the have to manage the secretion of HGH and other hormonal agents while likewise promoting a sense of mental focus. It can even motivate the body to eliminate fats from the liver, hence securing the organ and enhancing the body's total sense of energy in the long run.

The impacts that include GenF20 Plus consist of more than simply an enhanced sense of energy in the body and a boosted muscle tone. It likewise enhances the body's metabolic rate, keeps cholesterol levels in check as well as enhances bone structures around the body. This is all to secure the body and make it feel its finest.

The vital about this is that it does not consist of any genuine or artificial HGH. It rather concentrates on promoting the body's natural capability to produce HGH by itself. It sets the body to where it will concentrate on its own natural procedures without requiring itself to make use of something various. This must work especially well when discovering methods to keep the body delighted and in check no matter exactly what is being utilized.

Individuals who require assist with enhancing their bodies must see how GenF20 Plus can be utilized to enhance their functions and making them feel more powerful. This is an item that is created with an easy and simple to utilize system that makes use of numerous crucial components to enhance the body's general function. It is a strong item that deserves pursuing all sorts of physical objectives.

14 Dec

Dealing with Grey Hair


Grey hair is said to be a sign of wisdom but at times wisdom can a bit too early for some people. A silver mane in youthful years is a disturbing issue thus the need to know the causes so as to avoid grey hair. The causes could range from stress to normal aging.

1.Normal aging is the biggest culprit.

Okay, no surprise here. Dermatologists call this the 50-50-50 rule. "Fifty percent of the population has about 50% gray hair at age 50," says Dr. Anthony Oro, professor of dermatology at Stanford University. And like skin, hair changes its texture with age, says Dr. Heather Woolery Lloyd, director of ethnic skin care at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

2.Your ethnicity makes a difference.

Caucasians tend to go gray earlier — and redheads earliest of all. Then Asians. Then African-Americans. Scientists haven't figured out why yet.

3.Stress seems to play a role.

"Stress won't cause you to go gray directly," says Dr. Roopal Kundu, associate professor in dermatology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. "But stress is implicated in a lot of skin and hair issues." During an illness, for example, people can shed hair rapidly. And hair you lose after a stressful event — like getting chemotherapy — may grow back a different color. Sourced from: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/tips/a20712/gray-hair-facts/

There are many ways of getting rid of grey hair. These methods are not complicated as they can be done at the comfort of one’s own bathroom.

How to Cover Gray Hair with Henna

Henna is naturally made from the leaves of the lawsonia plant. It can be safely used at home without damaging, drying or chemically changing the structure of hair. It also binds keratin to your hair making it strong and reducing breakage. It comes in a range of colors

Ingredients 2 tablespoons of henna powder 1 tablespoon of yogurt 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds 3 tablespoons of coffee 2 tablespoons of basil 3 tablespoons of mint juice

Mix all the ingredients above to get a paste with a smooth but not runny consistency. Apply the paste to your hair and allow it to sit for 2-3 hours before washing off. Do this regularly to effectively cover gray hair.

Henna dye gradually wears off in a period of 8-12 weeks.  

How to Dye your Hair with Coffee

Coffee is one of the common natural methods of coloring hair. Although it does not give permanent results, it also benefits your hair by strengthening it and supplies it with beneficial nutrients. It is a simple way of boosting your hair color and giving it a vibrant dark brown.

Make strong organic coffee preferably espresso

Allow it to cool down

Pour this over your head while in the shower

Massage it from the roots to the tip of your hair

Cover your head with a plastic shower cap for 30 minutes Rinse out with cool water

Do this twice weekly till you achieve the desired shade of brown Sourced from: http://www.homeremediesorg.com/gray-hair-remedies/how-to-get-rid-of-gray-hair-naturally-permanently/

There is a permanent solution if grey hair is being caused by stress or tension. The trick is to relax and take things easy.


One of the major reasons for grey hair can be continuous stress and mental pressures. The idea is to reduce the tension and in turn not only cure grey hair issues but also ensure that it does not get aggravated. Adhere to any of the relaxation therapies among yoga, deep breathing, meditation and even proper rest and sleep. Sourced from: http://www.ladycarehealth.com/natural-cure-for-grey-hair/