07 Dec

Face Cleaning Myths

Cleaning your face is a big part of skin care but can sometimes feel like your doing It wrong. So many misconceptions surround cleaning your face and can keep you from confidently washing. I have put this article together to debunk some of those big face cleaning myths.

Wash Twice a Day

Over washing has been proven to rob your skin of its moisture and could lead to irritation. It can be a little confusing sometimes when trying to keep your skin clean. There are two principles to remember when keeping your skin clean. Clean your skin in the morning and night if your skin is excessively oily. Wash your skin after exercising or doing something that causes you to sweat heavily. If your skin is very dry just cleanse in the evening and skip the morning cleansing.

Toner needs to be in your skin care regimen

This is a very common thing that I hear all the time I need Toner in my skin care regimen. Many people dont know that alcohol-based toner removes natural oils. This is not good. Breakouts occur when your skin is in an excess of oil, but natural oils are healthy and ok. If you use an alcohol-free toner you can still get that feeling that many love from alcohol-based toners.

You need to spend a ton on skin care

Im sure you know how expensive skin care can get! With many skin care products being at a premium price You can definitely save money in skin care and beauty in general. You can save those more expensive products like retinol for leaving on instead of washing them down the sink. Minimizing your product usage can save you application time and a lot of money.

Your pores should be closed

This is a huge misconception and so many believe that they need to close their pores. Your pores dont actually open and close. Your pores can harden which is why many use steam to open up their pores but in reality they are softening hardened oil in their pours. When you use methods of heat or cold on your skin you can actually cause problems like redness. If you really want to increase your circulation skip the facial massage and increase your exercise.

Acne occurs when you skip washing your face

Im sure you have heard it before If you skip washing your face youll get acne!. If you skip washing your face you are definitely doing your skin no favors, but this isnt the only reason you would see acne. Acne is caused by a couple of things sebum, inflammation, clogged pores, and bacteria. This is a big myth that many believe, it’s just simply not true.

Skip the moisturizer if you have oily skin

Your skin needs moisturizer. Some people think that because their skin is oily and acne prone they can just skip this step of the skin care process, but this isnt the case. The way you can cater to your skin type is by changing the amount of moisturizer that you apply. If you have oily skin this requires the least amount of moisturizer to keep your skin balanced and healthy. Even though you may have oily skin, you still need a moisturizer for nourishing your skin and keeping it hydrated.

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