07 Nov

Wedding Gown Shopping Tips For The Vintage London Bride

An antique wedding gown tells a story in itself. No wonder vintage wedding dresses are all the rage. Theyre perfect for artistic brides, rebellious brides, eco-friendly brides who want to reduce their carbon footprint by up-cycling, and romantic brides who just love being wrapped in the sweet nostalgia of the past.

If youre searching for authentic wedding gowns from the roaring 20s, Angelina Colarusso wedding dresses London is worth visiting. Youll drool over bridal accessories such as embroidered shawls and feather capes. Supermodel Kate Moss and even high fashion designers like John Galliano and Alexander McQueen raid this shop for axxes and trimmings. If youre in luck, you just might chance upon the bargain rail featuring flapper dresses for your entourage, some antique Parisian lace for your garter, and beaded wire flowers to add as quirky embellishments on your dress.

If you plan on going full vintage for your entire ensemble, you can also get underslips and lace petticoats. Pennies Vintage is another treasure trove which sells original one-of-a-kind antique wedding gowns as well as veils, combs, and headpieces to add a touch of authenticity to your bridal outfit.

One important tip for vintage brides is to choose and stick to a specific era so you can create a concrete wedding theme. It wouldnt do to wear a Victorian gown when your wedding theme is actually Edwardian. Likewise, wedding veil trends tend to change dramatically over the decades. You can ruin a glorious gown by pairing it with a veil from the wrong age.

Elizabeth Avey wedding dresses London is another great place to search for your ultimate dream dress. The gowns are categorized according to periods and their collection is extensive, ranging from Edwardian hand-made lace to 50s tea length dresses to 70s boho bridals. If you like the romance of an old-fashioned dress but hate the idea of wearing someone elses, opt for a brand new but vintage-inspired wedding dress. If you can afford it, have your gown designed by the brilliant hand of Kate Halfpenny in Bloomsbury.

For the 50s-60s retro bride, Candy Anthony wedding dresses London in Southbank creates vintage-inspired wedding dresses with a modern touch. This is important because most vintage silhouettes tend to be unflattering given that they were worn by women from a more conservative era. Fur Coat No Knickers is another bridal shop in London which specializes in 50s and 60s wedding frocks. They offer both genuine vintage pieces and vintage-inspired made-to-order items from dainty dresses to charming face veils.

When shopping for a vintage wedding gown, remember that preservation of antiques can be very tricky. Bring a friend to help you check, check, and continuously recheck the dress for stains or tiny moth-eaten holes. Pay extra attention to the fit because brides in the past have a tendency to marry young and to cage their waists in corsets. Try it on before buying it.

Dont make the mistake of relying on the size on the label because sizing was a whole lot different a few decades ago.

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